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    Xtreme Vision

      XT 154 Series Safety light curtain is an extremely featured Infra Red light based light grid sensor to cater the safety requirement for Automatic Door operated LIFT. Its’ simultaneous multi monitoring technique gives faster response with absolutely free from the problems arising due to negligible misalignment, daylight saturation & sensor blindness.

      Features :

      2000 mm physical height.
      Profile width only 11 mm for tight space constraint installation.
      “zero distance“ to maximum range object detection.
      Detection field> 1850 mm .
      Supports fixed or moving part mounting topology.
      Dynamically Automatic changing beam from 94 to 154.
      Auto-Muting of the beam for reliable operation in rough operating conditions.
      Separate Control unit to avoid damage to the light-beam profile due to external fault.
      Operational status indicator LED in control unit as well as in the light –beam profile.
      Object detection Relay O/P for easy , trouble free interfacing with any control device.
      Buzzer O/P on object detection alerts the intruder.
      Programmable Buzzer functionality.

      Specification :-
      Supply Voltage 230VAC
      Supply Current  <3 VA
      Control unit Dimensions  60mm(H)*120mm(W)*50mm(D)
      Light-Beam Profile
      Connection from profile to control unit Plug in connector with locking
      Connection for external Device Connection Terminals
      Mode Setting DIP switch in Control Unit
      Protection Class IP54
      Status/Function Indicators
      • Red, Green LED in Light-Beam Profile
      • Red, Green LED in control Unit
      • Audio Buzzer
      Relay O/P  1 CO, 230VAC, 3A Rated.
      Light type Used  Infra Red
      Operating Free-air
      Temperature Range
      -20°C to 65°C
      Storage Temperature Range -30°C to 75°C
      Humidity 0% to 95% non condensing



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