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    Lift Master


    » Becomes operational in the blink of an eye ! With any kind of main controller
    • PLUG AND START - The LIFT MASTER simply takes the control of the doors as soon as it is powered.
    • SELF LEARNING - It automatically adapts the Opening & Load parameters of doors by just your finger tip • FLEXIBILITY BY PROGRAMABLE PARAMETERS - It tunes to your imaginations of door functionality by its    programmable parameters viz. Opening Full Speed, Opening Slow speed, Closing full speed, Closing slow    speed, Slowing distance while opening, Slowing distance while closing, Braking Slope, Safety Force,    Open Holding Force, Skate Speed, Close Holding Force etc.
    • DOOR STATUS OUTPUTS - It gives the Relay Contact O/P as per the status of the Door viz. Fully opened,    Fully Closed, Object , Obstruction
    • VISIBILITY OF ALL INPUTS, OUTPUTS, OPERATIONS - It displays the status of all I/P s, O/P s & Operations    to make you more comfortable while monitoring the operation of the unit.

    Supply Voltage 180 VAC-270 VAC , 50Hz.
    Supply Current at full speed
    • 200VA for LMP130
    • 400VA for LMP190
    Display 4 Digit ,Red LED Display
    4 Digit ,Red LED Display
    • Single I/P-Two I/P
    • With/Without Skate
    • Centre/Right/Left Opening
    • Master/Slave
    Control Inputs
    • Open
    •  Close
    •  Light Curtain (Master/Slave Mode)
    SignalInput Voltage, DC
    (optically  isolated input type)
    Signal Current, DC
    (optically isolated input type)
    Relay O/P 1 CO, 230 VAC,3A rated---4 nos. for….
    • Fully Opened
    • Fully Closed
    • Light-Curtain Object
    • Over Load/Obstruction
    Indicator Module  Size (mm) 60(H)*200(W)*50(D)
    Operating Free-air
    Temperature Range
    0°C to 50°C
    Storage Temperature Range -10°C to 70°C
    -10°C to 70°C  0% to 95% non condensing
    Available Options
    • LMP130 UP TO 150 Kg. Load
    • LMP190 UP TO 400 Kg. Load
    • 2-Wire Interface.



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