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    Opera Lifts is India’s leading name in car lifts and also comprises vast experience in all types of elevators like Tractions Lifts and Hydraulic Lifts. The company offers a complete range of lifts to suit all types of demands and specifications. From low cost lifts for flat builders to premium lifts for hotels, embassies; from hospital lifts to kitchen dumbwaiters, care parking lifts and heavy duty freight lifts for factories are all offered by the company.

    Opera Lifts prides for its proficiency and keen understanding about lift usage, regular maintenance and its upkeep. The services like lifetime maintenance and warranty of the lifts help us further serve the clients in the best possible way. We are committed to serve one and all with high-quality elevators and subsequent services.

    “We aim to consistently provide lifts with value for money and quality that will last for ever and serve you in the best possible way”

    We have been providing escalator, elevator and car parking systems for the last 9 years and proud to cater to a vast segment and equally diverse market. Right from the start, Opera Lifts has been offering lifts with value for money and quality. Moreover, the assurance of maintenance backing has always been a norm at us to maintain the quality aspects and service intact for a longer duration. The quality aspect is considered intensely and thus, the arrangements like lifetime paid maintenance and warranty are offered to the clients.


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