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    Gravity Overload Annunciating Device

    GRAVITY GS-TSL series over Load annunciating system senses the load of the Car & warns the passenger about the Over Loading of the car to make the trip free from stoppage / Breakdown due to Over Load.

    Tare facility for the dead weight of the car to measure the live load applied.
    Interfacing / Interlocking with the main controller avoids false warnings while LIFT is in movement.
    Features :  
     Wire rope tension measurement.
     Shear Beam tension type sensing  for gross weight measurement.
     Tare facility to measure live load on the LIFT.
     Interfacing with the main controller to avoid false warnings.
     High Resolution A/D converter for better accuracy.
     Digital read out for the weight.
     On site calibration facility.
     On site settings for Tare weight.
     Programmable Alarm settings.
    Specifications :
    Supply Voltage  230VAC or 12/24 VDC
    Supply Current 0.050Amp@230VAC
    Available  for Max. Gross Weight   4000 Kgs.
    Display   4 Digit ,Red LED Display
    Signal Input Voltage, DC
    (optically  isolated input type)
    Signal Current, DC
    (optically isolated input type)
    Alarm O/P 1 CO, 230 VAC,3A rated---2 nos.
    Indicator Module  Size (mm) 120mm(H)*200mm(W)*75mm(D)
    Operating Free-air
    Temperature Range
    0°C to 50°C
    Storage Temperature Range -10°C to 70°C
    Humidity  0% to 95% non condensing
    Available Options
    • 2-Wire Interface.
    • Display for Car.


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