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    CT-1000 Series Touch operated Car Operating Panel–COP give feel of Touch with Low Cost. It is based on Capacitive touch Sensing Principle with built in DSP(Digital Signal Processing) algorithm for rugged performance.

    DSP functionality makes the touch sensing possible even with a person touching with a hand by wearing glosses.
    It has tight algorithm to suppress the adjacent keys. Its auto calibration feature gives consistent performance in moist weather or if somebody touches with wet hands.

    CT-1000 are available with customized appearance of COP, where Name, LOGOs etc. of the Company can be printed which gives more elegant fancy look compared to conventional metal based COP.

    Features :
     Flat Surface with customized  shapes & sizes of the keys.
     High Bright LED Backlighting for call registration.
     Free from mechanical wear & tare of button contacts.
     Color changing feature for registered calls by  bi-color backlight LEDs.
     Sturdy Touch Panel  with polyester, acrylic or polycarbonate front for long life operation.
     Customized Legend printing with Name, Logo etc. 
     Open collector O/P for recognized key press.
     Accepts Open collector O/P for call registration indication.
     ON/OFF type button functionality for LIGHT & FAN.
     Space for display window to fix any type  of display viz. Seven Segment, Dot Matrix, Mono LCD, color LCD.
     Serial 2-Wire Interface option available
    Supply Voltage 10-36 VDC/or 230VAC
    Supply Current 0.050Amp
    Signal Input Voltage, DC
    (optically  isolated input type)
    Signal Current, DC
    (optically isolated input type)
    Signal O/P
    Open collector,24V,50mA.
    Module  Size (mm)
    Operating Free-air
    Temperature Range
      0°C to 50°C
    Storage Temperature Range
      -10°C to 70°C
    Available Options
    • 2-Wire Interface.
    • Display +Touch combo.



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