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    Synergy Auto Door



    Ultima Series Door Headers for Automatic Door operated LIFT adds performance excellence to the door operation by virtue of its ultimate electro-mechanical performance combinations. The product is designed using advance manufacturing technology for easy installation & quick debugging. The dedicated door operator controller VVVF accelerate the product’s synergism.

    • Features :

    » Low weight & reduced overall dimensions.
    » Wire Rope less Car header for silent operation
    » Wider Belt size strengthens the operating torque.
    » Auto learning facility for variable door weight.
    » Speed control for coupler-skate gives noiseless opening/ closing.
    » Dedicated VVVF allows flexibility of parameter programmability to cater user choice.
    » Monitors door weight continuously while in operation.
    » Wide input power supply range makes trouble free operation in power fluctuation.
    » Long life door contacts.
    » Adjustable idle pulley with spring tension.
    » Bottom seal less design to prevents dirt entry & gives attractive bottom look.
    » Easy installation & fast debugging.
    » Field configurable for Interfacing with different types of main controller.

    Specifications :

    Supply Voltage 90 VAC-270 VAC
    Supply Current
    • 200VA for 150 Kg. Model
    • 400VA for 400 Kg. Model
    Display !6*2 Character LCD Display
    Configuration Mode
    • Single I/P-Two I/P
    • Master/Slave
    Control Inputs
    • Open
    • Close
    • Light Curtain (Master/Slave Mode)
    Signal Input Voltage, DC
    (optically  isolated input type)
    Signal Current, DC
    (optically isolated input type)
    Relay O/P 1 CO, 230 VAC,3A rated---4 nos. for….
    • Fully Opened
    • Fully Closed
    • Safety Light-Curtain Object
    • Over Load/Obstruction
    Indicator Module  Size (mm) (H)*(W)*(D)
    Operating Free-air
    Temperature Range
    0°C to 50°C
    Storage Temperature Range -10°C to 70°C
    Humidity 0% to 95% non condensing
    Available Options 2-Wire Interface.



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